Things To Note For Club Founding Members


We're super excited that you're interested in becoming a founding member (or you may already be a founding member!) of the Do What You Love Club and we wanted to put this brief guide together for you to make sure you're really clear on how this works :-)

How To Join - if you haven't already ;-)

If you would like to join the Club as a founding member, please go to

Locked-In Price

Founding members can lock-in at a price of 7 days FREE then just $7 a month for all the facilities. The normal price is going up to $27 a month after we introduce the founding members. So, you can keep the $7 lock-in price for the entire time as long as you don't cancel, as if you do, you'll have to rejoin at the full price.

This is a one-time only opportunity.

Mindset Program Access

Anyone can upgrade and save $200 by adding the Mindset course to their purchase for only $97 on check out. This is the only time you'll be able to get this low price on the Mindset program. 

Further information on the Mindset Program can be found here.

Business School Members (Free Lifetime Access)

Until October 8th at Midnight PST, members of our Business School get ongoing FREE access (for founding members only). After that deadline there will be no free ongoing access offered to the Business School members, so you have to "act now" and choose the Business School when you check out, to get that ongoing access with no monthly subscription, plus, access to the Business School!

Further information on the Business School can be found here.

The Business School Giveaway

The winners of the Business School Giveaway will be announced Monday 17th of October. This is so we can ensure that the school places go to full founding members who decide to stay in past the 7 day free trial - the winner is picked entirely at random and if you happen to be a winner, and have gone for the Business School option 3, you'll get a full refund on your purchase! (The Business School winning places don't include free ongoing access to the Club).

Upgrading Your Purchase

If you have made a purchase already, and would like to "Upgrade" to another option after you've already made the transaction, you can do so by purchasing the package you would like to join in on before the closing day, and then contacting us on and we'll refund your original purchase.

We hope this helps and welcome you as a founding member - enjoy your time in the Club!

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