How do I get a personal email response to my questions from Ka?

We have a policy to treat all our members fairly and equally, and because of this unfortunately it's not possible for Ka to answer every member question personally via email. We do however have special facilities which you can use to get a response to your question.

1. Submit your question in the Facebook Group.

You'll have access to the members only Facebook group (the link to the group is inside the members area). It's well worth asking the question via this group, as there is a very helpful community of people who have been through the program and may be able to give you some insight.

2. Join the 'live' calls with Ka.

Ka holds live calls for his members, so you could join the next one and ask him directly what he thinks about this. The details of the next live call should be located within the members area and the event is set up inside the Facebook Group for the next call.

Please note that you need to add your question onto a comment on the Facebook event in advance of the call.

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