I've Just Purchased But Haven't Received My Account Access

When you purchase a product from The Sundance Family via Clickbank, you will immediately be directed to the account activation form (as stated underneath the payment links on the purchase page) so you need to stay on the browser tab after your purchase to ensure you are redirected to that account activation page:

Once you have entered your payment details, please activate your account by submitting the enrollment form. There is a video below of this process:


When you didn't submit the enrollment form.

If for any reason, you were unable to submit the enrollment form immediately after purchase, you will need to complete the account activation via your email confirmation.

You would have immediately received an email to the email address you entered at the time of the purchase, it will look similar to the one below and contains a link to the activation form - you can click the link, and submit the form that way.

Please be sure to submit the form using the same name and email as your account purchase, if your purchase name or email and account activation name or email are different in any way, please contact our support team to ensure we make a note of this on your account. 


If you require any further assistance with accessing your account, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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