How do I join the 'live' Q & A coaching calls with Ka and get my question answered?

The 'Live' Q and A Coaching Calls with Ka, which are found in some of his programs, are held via the online conferencing software Zoom.



Please follow these instructions to participate in these coaching calls.

1. Login to your members area and navigate to the program. When you get to the program, in the left menu click on "Live Q and A Calls With Ka Sundance".

2. The 'Live Calls' page will open with the details of the next call, to check this time in your local timezone, please click this link: 

3. At the time of the call, click on the "Join The Call" button on the page.

If you have never used Zoom before, you will receive a link to open zoom_launcher.exe. Please click on "Save".

If the program doesn’t open automatically click on the "Download" button and install zoom on your computer. Zoom will then be installed.

4. Type in your real name, so we all can recognize you.

5. Turn on your webcam, this is so we can see each other in the community, don’t hide, okay ;-)

6. Mute your microphone (so we don’t have too much background noise from all the participants)

7. You'll receive a field with the name: ‘waiting for host’.

8. To test your microphone or webcam click on ‘check’.

9. Now simply wait for Ka (in case he isn’t there already).

10. If someone gets laser coaching with Ka during the call, and you feel like you also can add value to this person, feel free to write in the comment box inside the zoom room.

For more information and support on how to use this software, go to:



1. On the "Live Q and A Calls With Ka Sundance" page inside the members area, there will be a button that says "Ask A Question" click this to take you directly to the Facebook event page for the next live call.

You must be accepted inside the private Facebook group in order to access the link. If you are not yet inside the Facebook group, please follow these instructions.

2. Submit “ONE” question on the Facebook Event in writing before the call.

3. Be on time for the call.

The first questions asked on the Facebook event will be answered by Ka over the phone. But you must be on time for the call.

It's likely that around 8-10 people will be able to get laser coaching with Ka and have their question answered directly.

Ka will call the 8-10 people who submitted their questions first in the Facebook event right at the beginning of the call. If you are not on the phone on time, Ka will go to the next person in line with their question.

If you're outside the specified timezone, use this timezone converter tool to convert the time into your local time. 


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