How our webinars are moderated

Ka periodically gives his time freely on webinars which he invites the general public to sign up to and attend.

We use a webinar platform called 'WebinarJam' which allows a moderator to be present on the webinar. You will know if the moderator leaves a comment, because the SundanceFamily logo will appear along with their first name, and (webinar support), so it will look a bit like this:

 Michelle (Webinar Support)


The role of the moderator is as follows:

1. To provide help and support to all webinar attendees.
2. To assist Ka if he has any technical issues on the webinar.
3. To flag questions from the audience for Ka to answer.
4. To assist in the 'LIVE' Q & A, where attendees can raise their hands to speak.
5. To moderate and filter out unconstructive negativity from any attendees.


Comment Moderation

When on the webinar we love to read your comments and questions and there's a great deal of interaction that goes on, so we strive to ensure we have a real community feel about our webinars.

Very occasionally someone in the audience may post a negative, unconstructive comment, that serves no purpose and negatively impacts the energy in the room. We direct those people to leave the webinar, as their comments are a clear indication that they wouldn't be a good fit for The SundanceFamily or the other members of the audience.

If any comment is posted which is considered (by the moderator) as negative, unconstructive, hateful, or completely untrue the moderator will delete the message in its entirety and ban the individual in question. Essentially, if Ka invites you to his house (which is literally what he does with his YouTube videos and / or Webinars) and when you arrive you're unfriendly, negative and critical about Ka, his family, his friends and what he does in his business and / or way of life, you cannot have any expectation whatsoever of being invited to stay or come over ever again - as in leave, and don't come back.

Although the above is a rare occurrence, very occasionally people won't like the fact that there are paid programs that can be purchased as an extension of the learning, which we're very transparent about - there's only so much Ka can share in a couple of hours on a webinar, or even in a webinar series ;-) If such is the case, it's far more be pertinent for the unhappy individual to simply leave the free webinar, by choice or through moderation, rather than negatively comment as such comments serve no purpose other than to spoil it for other people on the webinar.

(Everybody stands to gain the most from the free webinar by keeping the chat room full of positive energy!)

In short, we welcome you all, the webinars are free, there's never any obligation to purchase any additional training or programs, but please treat the webinar like a personal invitation into Ka's home, and please try to respect him in this way, specifically with your behaviour and how you conduct yourself in the comments box.

We would love for you to take the free information and use it, (or not if you don't want to) and the option is there to continue the learning through the programs and members area for those who do. We're aware that the programs may be out of some people's price range, but sometimes so is a car or a pair of shoes ;-) and if this is the case for you, we recommend implementing what Ka teaches in his "5 steps to manifest anything you want" post, it really works!

Thank You!


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