I have a question for Ka and Katie, what do I do?

Hi There!

You're here now because you have a question to ask us, and we'd love to help you.

Due to the volume of questions we receive, it's not possible for us to answer them all personally, we've put together this guide on how you can potentially find an answer as efficiently as possible.

If your question is related to your health, please click here and read our special FAQ. If your question is related to something else, you're welcome to consider the following:



We suggest you first search Ka's YouTube Channel which has a whole host of video answers to so many of the questions we've received from our followers.

Simply go to our YouTube Channel and click on the Search Icon near the center of the screen, and type in your question.



You can try searching our blog, at where we post a new article every week.



You can join our Facebook Group called, "Do What You Love" where we have a wonderful community of very helpful, likeminded people who we're sure would help you with your question(s) too. Click the link below to join the group:

Please note, you won't always get a personal response from us within this group. We do unscheduled 'live' Q & A sessions on our Facebook Page, and we try to work through as many questions as possible, but please understand we can't always answer everybody's questions during these sessions.


We sincerely hope this helps :-)

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