Facebook Group Guidelines for Members

Within our Facebook groups, we respectfully request that you observe the following rules in order to retain permanent access. Let’s support and enhance one another so that we can all achieve our goals powerfully and with feeling, as a group.

  1. We created this group so that we can inspire and support one another.
  2. Don’t complain! We don’t want to be demotivated, we want to support one another.
  3. Don’t speak badly about others!
  4. Post positive things!
  5. Introduce yourself and your business. Ask for help. We're all in this together!
  6. Please use your real name (or artist’s name) and upload a profile picture of yourself to your Facebook account, so that we can identify one another in the group. Without a picture, you encourage yourself and others to go back to their former habit of anonymity. However, the goal of this group is to achieve the opposite.
  7. Ka and Katie are stopping by every now and then to respond to pressing questions, nonetheless please don't expect a response to each and every question. For this purpose, we organize question and answer calls in the applicable programs.
  8. Only members who have paid the total amount of their program or those who are not in default with their installments have access to this group.
  9. All technical or customer support questions relating to login details, access to modules and other similar topics should be sent to (not posted in the Facebook group)! You will receive a response from Monday - Friday. 
  10. Please don’t post any direct sales offers for your products in the group.
  11. Please don't create any events inside the group without checking with us first. 
  12. This group is not for advertising your own products (whether it's paid or free events such as webinars and summits). Please post valuable content and not just about yourselves! It is more about getting feedback for your creations instead of advertising them - therefore, we kindly ask you to share posts with links to your blog posts, videos etc. not more than once a week. 
  13. Please do not crosspost (twice or even thrice) in our groups – meaning posting the same post simultaneously here and in our DWYL and DWYL Club group.
  14. No posts or comments that ask to write a private message. Please write inside this group only (otherwise dubious offers can be made via PM and we want to avoid that).
    If you want to say or share something, please do it inside the group. Openly and transparently for everyone. We created this group for that reason, to protect our members and to stay safe. We all want to know what you have to say!

Please follow the rules of our Facebook groups in order to participate now, and in future.

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