Can I join the Sundance Programs at any age, or are there restrictions?

Absolutely! The programs can be taken at any stage of your life, at any age, there are no restrictions. We currently have students inside the Business-school of all ages, our youngest one is only 18 and the oldest one is 84 years old.

For some inspiration, please also check out the testimonials of our two oldest members:

"Dear Ka, I want you to know that you have really reached me and I want to thank you for the enormous energy that you have given me. I am now 84 years old and thanks to your help I have (only now) been able to find my passion which is "Further Education" and will be the theme for my new start. Your step-by-step guide took away my fear of an online business and has given me the certainty and confidence that I can still do all that, even now. - Louis Bannwart (Switzerland)

"Dear Ka, I have just attended your webinar. I am 67 years old and retired, and I am aiming to be fit and healthy for at least 20 more years. For 30 years I  have been teaching autogenous training and have experienced a lot. I am absolutely intrigued by your life and it really makes my heart sing to finally have found people who are doing exactly what I have always been living by. I now want to take the next step and start traveling with an online business - this must be the best! I am very excited and can't wait to work through all the materials." - Ingrid Otten (Germany)

It is never too late to turn your life around and start doing what you love! :-) 

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